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Is Eklund a Fraud?…ABSOLUTELY 100%

June 8th, 2009 by Hog , Filed in From The Admin

We started this site asking ourselves “Is Eklund (Dwayne Klessel) a Fraud?” after seeing so many negative posts and articles about his conduct over at Hockeybuzz.com. The idea was to do a study for 1 year (starting Jan 2008) and track all of his activities (especially rumors) that are often questioned by so many people in the hockey world.

We of course went past our planned deadline, but now it has come to a point where really nothing else needs to be added simply because Eklunds activities have already clearly answered our question, and that is 100% YES, Eklund is a fraud and and more importantly a Liar.

Here are some QUICK HIT FACTS about Eklund from the last 17 months, all with full documented proof on this site, feel free to look over the entire site for many more.  We hope that after reading you might not COMPLETELY WASTE $20 (or $3 monthly) on hockeybuzz.com for useless garbage, lies and features that are promised but rarely delivered, go give that money to a charity that your favorite hockey player supports and know its going to people who need it…..

- For every 1 rumor Eklund gets correct, he gets approximately 30 incorrect (457 wrong, 15 right for 3.1%)

- He finished off 2008 calender year (exactly 1 year of our tracking) with a 2.3% accuracy rating

- He proved Mike Chen’s theory was ABSOLUTELY TRUE,  that his success rating is slightly less than picking a team out of a hat

- Eklund plagiarized LA Links beat writer Rich Hammond

- He openly bashed Puck Daddy editor and made a complete ass of himself

- When teaming up with Versus.com, Eklunds blog included his press release, where he flat out lied and stated that hockeybuzz.com was the most visited hockey only website in North America.  Many of his members called him out on his lie as NHL.com is also a hockey only website……

- Took credit for breaking trades/signings that were already on other sites first [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7]

- He tried to change his rating system after getting caught and abused many times by his members (see above), but the old rating system still shows on his FAQ page 3 months later.

- He now has monthly as well as yearly payment plans for his seasons ticket, but if you DO NOT stop the subscription (which is auto set to renew) you will be charged that amount for the installment FULL duration for these totals.

- He used the state of the economy to try and sell his “Seasons Ticket”, saying in these tough times it was important that members pay the $20 to help the site.

- He thought that Jacques Martin traded Luongo from Florida…..but was corrected by his readers.

- He thought that Brian Burke drafted Todd Bertuzzi back in 1993 while with Hartford and that one of the players he traded to move up to do this was Markov.

- For the 3rd year in a row he FAILED miserably on Trade Deadline Day, the biggest day of the year.

- He stated to his fans that he met Shania Twain and she asked him out but he refused….

- He begged and took peoples money but failed to provide his rumor chart as promised, a feature that most people pay the money for

- Made himself look like a complete moron by claiming the “Balsille Offer to Buy PHO” news was 100% not true and that the offer was not from Balsille (after talking to Basille and NHL contacts)

Some might ask why we are stopping here, the simple answer is because Eklund will continue to dish out his lies and hover around that 3% correct rating.  We could continue to track the same garbage year after year but what is really the point?, this site will be left up to show the facts gathered over 17 months and if that alone doesnt prove to you that he is a fraud and a liar then you are a bigger moron than he is.

We would like to thank everyone who supported this site, helped spread the word about it and even help contribute information.  Because of you this site grew to way more than we thought was possible and we ask that you continue to point people to this site so they can see what Eklund is all about.

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Kovalchuk to WASH

May 27th, 2009 by Hog , Filed in Atlanta, Incorrect Rumors

A source today has told me that the Caps losing Kozlov and Fedorov opens up a “serious” possibility. I asked who the Caps were interested in and he threw some pretty big names out there, one of whom would be via trade, one is a pending UFA that is still playing.

The player via trade was Ilya Kovalchuk. It is intriguing to consider an Ovechkin/Kovalchuk duo going up against the Crosby/Malkin combo for the next several years [source]

Gionta/Oduya for Phaneuf

May 26th, 2009 by Hog , Filed in Calgary, Incorrect Rumors, New Jersey

None have anything to do with compensation for Brent Sutter, but I have heard the Flames are interested in the rights to Gionta and Oduya while the Devils have serious interest in Dion Phaneuf [source]

Komisarek to TOR

May 26th, 2009 by Hog , Filed in Incorrect Rumors, Toronto

Meanwhile you can add the Leafs to the teams who will be in on the Komisarek chase [source]

Oduya to EDM

May 26th, 2009 by Hog , Filed in Edmonton, Incorrect Rumors

Oduya is quickly becoming a highly talked about player. Quite a few teams on the Chart for him, but Edmonton and NJ are in a battle [source]