Couldn’t have said it any better

February 27th, 2009 by HBH | Filed under Eklunds Wall of Shame, From The Admin.

A thanks to Mike Chen, who recently talked about our site in his blog Dart Boards, Hogwash, and ‘Buzz’ ……and we couldnt have said it any better:

Now, let’s think about this logically:

-There are 30 teams in the league, so one team has 29 trading partners. If all things were equal, that means there’s a 3.4% chance that a player can get moved to any of the other 29 teams.
-There’s also the possibility that said player could stay with his current team. 29 options + 1 no-move option = 3.3% equal chance of any team.

You don’t have to be a stats major to figure out the obvious: that literally means that Eklund’s success rating is slightly less than picking a team out of a hat. I mean, you really have to try to be that bad, kind of like bowling a 20 when bumper lanes are on.

Here’s the other thing. We know that usually about 22-23 teams are in playoff contention around this time of year. So let’s say that there are on average seven sellers and 27 buyers. Well, that means if all teams were equal, the chance of going to any buyer would be 3.7%. Now, you factor logic (who needs what), cap space, division/conference movement, no-trade clauses, and tradeable assets, and really, couldn’t just about any hockey fan come up with 5-6 logical destinations for a moveable player on a non-playoff team?

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