Almost Had Them Fooled eh Eklund?

May 22nd, 2009 by Hog | Filed under Eklunds Wall of Shame.

Well folks, today Eklund hit a all time low (yes, even lower than before) when he posted his blog today at 4:59pm (est) about Chuck Fletcher being named the Wild’s new gm.  He of course threw his E5 rating on it as usual, which is still listed as “E5 – This rumor comes from source telling Eklund the deal is 100% done and just has not been announced yet on his FAQ page.

Members of his site of course saw the “E5″ and quickly did the usual checking of the major sports sites like TSN, Sportsnet etc figuring that Eklund, as usual, was probably copying from them.  But to their surprise these sites had nothing up, so being the gentlemen they are they gave Eklund credit in the forums and he of course ran with it…. 

While Eklund was taking credit for breaking the story and blabbering on in the forum, it was quickly pointed out by other members that he in fact did not report it first, probably getting the news from Michael Russo, who covers the Wild for the StarTribune and who had a blog up at 3:51pm (cst) at :

All along the story was already reported by a respected journalist, who Eklund says he knows, 8 mins before (time change between MIN and PHI) and of course once this was pointed out in his forum he was nowhere to be found for a comment… usual.