To credit or not to credit….(part 5?)

March 3rd, 2009 by Hog | Filed under Eklunds Wall of Shame.

In another attempt to put one in the “I got one correct” column, Eklund posted on his website the following at 11:59pm:

After reading it on ESPN, who had it posted at 11:50pm:


Even Eklunds forum regulars are starting to question his tactics, “tmlfan69” posts:

Thats not the point. The point is that someone who claims to have such credible inside sources should have the upperhand on breaking some of these trades and moves first at least SOME of the time. He frequently changes the timestamps on his blogs and its been proven. Someone with real sources wouldn’t need to do that.

And another regular “Aetherial” posts:

The question is not reporting it.
The question is assigning an e# to it, which he said he doesn’t do if he sees it elsewhere first.
Then, at some point, he will claim to have *called* 40 or so trades/demotions whatever.
Then, he will sell seasons tickets on the premise that he has insider information.
He may or may not have insider information, who’s to say.
I think it is fair game to call him out though on what appears to be purposely misleading the patrons of this site.