Rumor Recorder Guidelines

The Following guidelines are used when updating the Rumor Recorder:

1 – all rumors by Eklund are considered incorrect until they actually happen.

2We consider Eklunds rumors to be 1 of 2 types:

SPECIFIC - A specific player for a specific player rumor (eg. Staal for Weber)

GENERAL – A specific player to a specific  team rumor (eg. Staal to NASH)

3 – A Specific rumor CAN NOT be downgraded to a General rumor at a later date, it counts as 2 seperate rumors.  (**if the Specific rumor does come true though, that means the general rumor is in fact also true and both are moved to correct)

4 – A General Rumor CAN BE upgraded to a Specific Rumor at a later date, the original General rumor will be updated and stay as one rumor.

5 – If Eklund posts the exact same rumor again at a later date than the original (no upgrade or downgrade), then the original rumor is simply updated and the old links will have ‘old rumor” listed beside them.  The rumor still counts as 1.

6 – IF Eklund chooses to ramble off six teams that his “sources” claim a player could go to then each of those 6 teams will count as seperate rumors totalling six .

7 – A rumor is considered to be anything that Eklund posts on that he claims to have heard from his “sources” in regards to a player(s) moving from one team to another.

8 – Each rumor type (see above) is recorded only 1 time on this site unless that player switches teams (see #10)

9 – If Eklund is going to post a specific timeframe from his “sources”….he will be held accountable for that SPECIFIC timeframe (eg: “Hemsky to PHI, to be announced TONIGHT”).  If this rumor didnt happen THAT night it is INCORRECT.

10 – Rumors are counted for that player while with the team he is on when the rumor is reported,  If a player changes teams through UFA/RFA, waivers or other trade that  all of his previous rumors become permanently Incorrect as he starts a clean slate with the new team.

11 – This site and the Rumor Recorder started tracking Eklunds rumors in Jan 2008, anything before that is not included.