Who? What?….Come on! (updated)

March 10th, 2009 by Hog | Filed under Eklunds Wall of Shame.

I wonder how much Eklund would give to actually get his facts right?

Yet another error by Eklund today in his blog….He has since corrected it and inserted “Pronger“… see the screenshot below for original.

But hey…Pronger/Bertuzzi, defenseman/forward, Hartford/New York…I guess its easy for a true hockey fan to make the error I guess?…lol

Update - Thanks to “Daryl” for pointing out that Eklund also managed to screw up the ONLY player involved in that trade, claiming it was Markov when it was in fact Sergei Makarov, a right winger, and a rather well known one to most hockey fans (the Makarov Rule)….

FYI Eklund……Andrei Markov was drafted by MTL in 1998, Danil Markov was drafted by TOR in 1995, both were DEFENSEMAN.