Eklund again refuses to give credit…

February 26th, 2009 by HBH | Filed under Eklunds Wall of Shame, From The Admin.

Continuing on with his pathetic trend of reporting a trade AFTER its already on multiple sporting sites like TSN, Eklund has posted Whitney to ANA for Kunitz and thrown his E5 on it INSTEAD of giving credit.

We see though, the  well respected site KUKLAS KORNER posting the same information  earlier and of course, gives credit like a professional should:

Not putting TSN REPORTING or any one of the 10 other sites that had it before and instead throwing up his own confirmed E5 rating beside it just makes him look like a joke….even his own visitors are saying in his forum:

Ummm…Why does Ek even put an e5 when all the major radio and tv stations have been talking about this trade for the past 20 minutes? Just say as per TSN or whatever…everyone knows that all he did was read TSN’s home page before posting…
- r_linhares9

I agree – it’s a little ridiculous – I like the site and the chat, even some of the “Rumours” but he makes me feel dumb when he tries to pull a fast one on me like this. Say it for what it is. Nobody will hold it against you…
- chinaski08