About Us/Why Eklund?

About Us

Many hockey sites on the net had the name Eklund and Hockeybuzz.com in the articles or in the comments sections…often followed by negative comments about his rumors and lack of reliable “sources”.  Many people often asked how accurate his crazy rumors were and  when the last time he was even right with one of his site specific rumors. 

This led a few of us hockey fans to start this site in Jan 2008 and keep an ongoing tally from that point on and to have a public record of all the rumors and other information pertaining to Eklund.

We use the RUMOR RECORDER, following specific guidelines to show his accuracy and record all rumors from his site along with links back to the original postings from Hockeybuzz.com.

The WALL OF SHAME is a collection of all the shameless actions of Eklund over the years, with some of the information found on other sites around the net (with credit given)

Why Eklund?

Many have asked why are we focusing on Eklund and not on all the other writers/bloggers that also report rumors.

The simple answer to this is that all of the other writers/bloggers are reporting their information under their names and therefore responsibility for what they write….knowing that what they write directly affects their credibility.

Eklund on the other hand chooses to hide behind the “Anonymous Blogger” routine, claiming he has hundreds of sources that are in constant contact with him daily (working the phones). 

Eklund is often reporting rumors that somehow only he is hearing, that are just NOT possible in today salary capped NHL often involving teams who are already at the caps max taking on a monster contract they simple cant afford.  There is also the absolutely insane rumors that simply make you shake your head and wonder how he can possibly post this and call himself a journalist.

Mike Chen summed up in his blog why we focus on Eklund better then we could have ourselves:

-There are 30 teams in the league, so one team has 29 trading partners. If all things were equal, that means there’s a 3.4% chance that a player can get moved to any of the other 29 teams.
-There’s also the possibility that said player could stay with his current team. 29 options + 1 no-move option = 3.3% equal chance of any team.

You don’t have to be a stats major to figure out the obvious: that literally means that Eklund’s success rating is slightly less than picking a team out of a hat. I mean, you really have to try to be that bad, kind of like bowling a 20 when bumper lanes are on.

Here’s the other thing. We know that usually about 22-23 teams are in playoff contention around this time of year. So let’s say that there are on average seven sellers and 27 buyers. Well, that means if all teams were equal, the chance of going to any buyer would be 3.7%. Now, you factor logic (who needs what), cap space, division/conference movement, no-trade clauses, and tradeable assets, and really, couldn’t just about any hockey fan come up with 5-6 logical destinations for a moveable player on a non-playoff team?

There are also the many other instances where:

– Eklund has either outright plagerized another writer or has taken already completed and confirmed trades and passed them off as his own

– Eklund changed his Rating system to save face

– Eklund has quoted his “sources” and the information has just not been true at all.

The list goes on and on……