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Almost Had Them Fooled eh Eklund?

May 22nd, 2009 by Hog | 1 Comment | Filed in Eklunds Wall of Shame

Well folks, today Eklund hit a all time low (yes, even lower than before) when he posted his blog today at 4:59pm (est) about Chuck Fletcher being named the Wild’s new gm.  He of course threw his E5 rating on it as usual, which is still listed as “E5 – This rumor comes from source telling Eklund the deal is 100% done and just has not been announced yet on his FAQ page.

Members of his site of course saw the “E5″ and quickly did the usual checking of the major sports sites like TSN, Sportsnet etc figuring that Eklund, as usual, was probably copying from them.  But to their surprise these sites had nothing up, so being the gentlemen they are they gave Eklund credit in the forums and he of course ran with it…. 

While Eklund was taking credit for breaking the story and blabbering on in the forum, it was quickly pointed out by other members that he in fact did not report it first, probably getting the news from Michael Russo, who covers the Wild for the StarTribune and who had a blog up at 3:51pm (cst) at :

All along the story was already reported by a respected journalist, who Eklund says he knows, 8 mins before (time change between MIN and PHI) and of course once this was pointed out in his forum he was nowhere to be found for a comment… usual.

Imagine Paying for These LIES? (day 17)

May 20th, 2009 by Hog | 1 Comment | Filed in Eklunds Wall of Shame

Right across the main page on we see “Want to know who’s going where? Sign up for a Season Ticket and get access to Eklund’s Rumor Chart. Sign up now for $3.99 per month or $19.99 per year”

Most people become a  “Season Ticket Holder” to get this Rumor Chart which was not updated since the beginning of March 2009, and then oddly it was taken off the site in April.

NOW….we have Eklund post in his blog on May 3rd the following;

It is a rainy day in Philadelphia…Perfect day to work on the Soon to Be Released UFA Rumour Chart and get back on track with my Rebuild, Renew, or Refresh…

The Chart never came, but fast forward to his May 14th blog stating the following:

First off. as is customary around here, with the ending of the second round will come the Hockeybuzz UFA Rumour Chart. Look for it to Launch tonight or tomorrow morning

On to May 15th, in the afternoon, where guess what… chart.  But Eklund posts the following in his blog that day:

I have two other blogs plus the rumour chart (which launches today) to tweak…

Guess what, no chart that day but in his blog later that day he writes:

This is not a competition…please no wagering…Chart on deck. Enjoy…

Now fast forward to today and that chart that was promised to the suckers that pay for 17 days ago, ya….its still not up.  In fact, Eklund has even decided to not even blog about it again since the 15th, hoping the paid members would forget I guess?

Why would you waste your money on this crap?, there are a ton of charities that your favorite hockey players sponsor and believe in, why not give your $19.99 (or anything) to them and feel good about it!

Keep track of your BS please

May 11th, 2009 by Hog | No Comments | Filed in Eklunds Wall of Shame

In his blog on May 7th, Eklund stated that he wont talk rumors regarding players still playing in the playoffs:

Then, the very next day in his blog he talks about the Sedin twins being close to being re-signed by VAN.  Oddly enough VAN was still in the playoffs, playing against CHI, and last time we checked the Sedin twins are to be UFA’s after the season:

Another Rating System Gaffe!

May 8th, 2009 by Hog | No Comments | Filed in Eklunds Wall of Shame

In his quick blog today, Eklund posts that he received a text from a source saying Columbus is interested in Joe Thornton.  To the educated people visiting his site that means a text from 1 person, but he throws up the good old E2 rating on it which is classified as the following from his FAQ page:

E2 – This rumor is simply more than one reliable sources not in any way directly connected to the players or teams involved and not connected to each other. It does not have to equate to two E1’s. It could be several E1’s

ShamWOW!! & 1-800-“Contacts”

May 5th, 2009 by Hog | 1 Comment | Filed in Eklunds Wall of Shame

Thx to Davey M for the following“In his blog tonight, Eklund makes bold assumptions about bankruptcy and proves he has no understanding about the laws of the NHL, nor basic business practices. He pretends to know what he’s talking about in bankruptcy, but embarrasses himself further by not even taking the 2min to wikipedia “bankruptcy” to learn even basic fundamentals.

Then, to top it all off, he says that Balsillie isn’t actually trying to buy the Coyotes and this is a hoax, even as Balsillie is being interviewed on TSN.”

**take a minute to go through the forum posts in Eklunds blog and see him get completely schooled on bankruptcy by member “TheGame316

What makes this especially funny is Eklund saying he called his “contacts” with the NHL and Balsillie…yet somehow he was still completely out of the loop:

Then based on what these “contacts” said, Eklund says this of course is all a sham:

From the Blog itself:

You would figure that someone who claims to “know Balsillie and likes Balsillie” would have some small amount of knowledge of this situation and not come out blogging like a madman, making a complete fool of himself:

** note that Eklund has of course gone and edited not only the title of his blog but also removed some content after realizing that he had made a complete jackass of himself earlier (surprised?)