Deadline Disgrace (e5)

March 5th, 2009 by Hog | Filed under Eklunds Wall of Shame.

The NHL 2009 Trade Deadline has come and gone and as expected Eklund completly made a complete fool of himself.

Even days before the deadline Eklund was told that his site was running so poorly it was almost not worth visiting at times.  But Eklund seemed to have ignored his faithful members and did ZERO to ensure the site ran smooth on the most important day for the site. 

For the 3rd year in a row the site was reporting an assortment of page errors for most of the day and even when pages actually loaded it was so slow it was not worth waiting.  TSN, Sportsnet, DobberHockey, Spectors Hockey (who also crashed, but he kept blogging over at Foxsports) and Kuklas Korner were getting the info up much quicker and regular visitors of hockeybuzz were forced to go over to these sites…they were not happy to say the least.

Eklund did his usual and threw out alot of garbage rumors, claiming they were coming from his sources.  As the real trades were being reported on other sites, it became obvious to even his regular visitors that most of his “rumors” are simply made up in an attempt to keep web traffic.

He was credited with getting these 4 trades correct from his previous rumors… Morris to NYR, Leclaire to OTT, Guerin to PIT and Jokinen to CAL.  But when looking at these 4 trades they all have one thing in common, they were reported on many other media outlets over the last few months as well….

In the end, Eklund grasped at straws in a struggle to break at least one trade before all other media sources (almost had the Cole trade) but instead lost whatever credibility he had left with posts like these:

This could be the dumbest statement ever made:

Was this the O’sullivan trade? is that MAJOR? :

When he couldnt break a trade, he decided to break the fact that there wouldnt be one….this was posted after the deadline:

This one came at 5:13 pm, well after the deadline….and nothing did happen:

Hopefully people will see what alot of us already know, that Eklund is a fraud and is a disgrace to all the other hard working and respected writers and bloggers out there.  Please pass this site on to as many people as you can so more people dont waste their money or their time on his site.