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Gionta/Oduya for Phaneuf

May 26th, 2009 by Hog | No Comments | Filed in Calgary, Incorrect Rumors, New Jersey

None have anything to do with compensation for Brent Sutter, but I have heard the Flames are interested in the rights to Gionta and Oduya while the Devils have serious interest in Dion Phaneuf [source]

Bouwmeester to CAL (updated)

May 24th, 2009 by Hog | No Comments | Filed in Calgary, Incorrect Rumors

- The Flames really are leading the way here, and that really means that is going to be on the move I am told. Likely at the Draft. [source]

- Teams Involved in the Jay Bo sweeps….Philadelphia, Toronto, Boston, Pittsburgh, Calgary, Edmonton, and Vancouver [source]

- Looking for another team to get into the Jay Bo Sweeps? How about Calgary? At first glance I do indeed question if this is indeed what the Flames need, but I have been told all day, “Don’t dismiss it at all.” [source]

Lecavalier to CAL

May 11th, 2009 by Hog | No Comments | Filed in Calgary, Incorrect Rumors

- currently 5 teams are working up possible deals for Vinny…included with Montreal is Vancouver, NY Rangers, Buffalo, and Minnesota.”
Yes the Sabres and Wild are getting involved and as many as 4 more teams will join the fray including Calgary, Philadelphia, Ottawa and the LA Kings [source]

Phaneuf for Boumeester + assets (e3)

May 6th, 2009 by Hog | No Comments | Filed in Calgary, Florida, Incorrect Rumors

Just following up on a rumor I am chasing that would send Dion Phaneuf to Florida for Jay Bo’s rights and “3 or 4 other assets” obviously those “assets” are huge in this situation [link]

Jokinen to CAL (updated) (e4)

March 4th, 2009 by Hog | 1 Comment | Filed in Calgary, Correct Rumors

 – Jokinen to Cal “really close” (e4) [link]

– The Sabres are NOT in on Jokinen. They are among the teams that question what Olli would do for a team’s chemistry. The Flames are very much in on Jokinen, as are the Habs, Sens, Hawks, and Rangers [link]

- The Flames are once again leading the pack along with the Sabres and Hurricanes in possibly dealing for Oli Jokinen. It really does appear as though Jokinen could be moved VERY soon here… [link]