Eklund Bashes Puck Daddy but Misquotes, Misreads

February 23rd, 2009 by HBH | Filed under Eklunds Wall of Shame.

Well folks…a great catch by one of our readers “Lance”

Today Eklund openly bashed Yahoo’s PuckDaddy editor for contributor Sean Leahy’s  on Brian Burke using twitter.

But in Eklunds stupidity he actually puts in a quote that misquotes.  If you read the original post on puckdaddy, the name Burke appears in quotes, which makes it appear obvious, at the very least, that they didn’t think it was Burke.  However, eklund removes the quotes, which makes it look worse:

I just spoke to Brian Burke regarding an article that came out on the PuckDaddy Blog this past Saturday on

The Article is entitled “Follow the thought process of Brian Burke on Twitter” and is 100% bogus and has the Gm rightfully pissed off.

And goes on to say later in the post:

Greg and everyone at PuckDaddy should know better. Regardless of your intent, whether or not you believed that this was actually Brian Burke writing here, you gave no indication to the readers that you weren’t sure and reporting these “tweets” as quotes from Burke is not only morally bereft, it could cause further issues…Believe it or not, you can’t just massage a story to further an agenda…Well you can, but sooner or later it catches up to you in one way or another.

view screen shot (im sure Eklund will try and edit his mistake)

Now….Here is the CORRECT TITLE from ….notice the quotes:

 “Follow the thought process of ‘Brian Burke’ on Twitter”

The goes on to read, again notice the quotes:

One hockey person who’s jumped aboard the Twitter bandwagon is Toronto Maple Leafs general manager ““, who has given his followers some insight into the thinking of a hockey executive. “Burke” is brutally honest on Twitter just as he is in interviews.

And if someone was not smart enough to catch the above and realize it was a parody, there was the actual Twitter quotes:

Got stuck behind Damien Cox at the bank machine. In case you’re wondering, his PIN is ‘1967’.

Ran into Eklund last night. He kept grilling me about trades and rumors. Finally I just paid him for the pizza and slammed the door

And finally by clicking on the Twitter feed and seeing “Bio: Yes, it’s a parody” staring you straight in the face would confirm this was, in fact, “Brian Burke” and not Brian Burke.

And on another interesting note:

Another reader “Invisibility” pointed out how Eklund , just last week, said how he would never stoop to such a level that he doesn’t report anything that isn’t hockey related…..GO FIGURE