Imagine Paying for These LIES? (day 17)

May 20th, 2009 by Hog | Filed under Eklunds Wall of Shame.

Right across the main page on we see “Want to know who’s going where? Sign up for a Season Ticket and get access to Eklund’s Rumor Chart. Sign up now for $3.99 per month or $19.99 per year”

Most people become a  “Season Ticket Holder” to get this Rumor Chart which was not updated since the beginning of March 2009, and then oddly it was taken off the site in April.

NOW….we have Eklund post in his blog on May 3rd the following;

It is a rainy day in Philadelphia…Perfect day to work on the Soon to Be Released UFA Rumour Chart and get back on track with my Rebuild, Renew, or Refresh…

The Chart never came, but fast forward to his May 14th blog stating the following:

First off. as is customary around here, with the ending of the second round will come the Hockeybuzz UFA Rumour Chart. Look for it to Launch tonight or tomorrow morning

On to May 15th, in the afternoon, where guess what… chart.  But Eklund posts the following in his blog that day:

I have two other blogs plus the rumour chart (which launches today) to tweak…

Guess what, no chart that day but in his blog later that day he writes:

This is not a competition…please no wagering…Chart on deck. Enjoy…

Now fast forward to today and that chart that was promised to the suckers that pay for 17 days ago, ya….its still not up.  In fact, Eklund has even decided to not even blog about it again since the 15th, hoping the paid members would forget I guess?

Why would you waste your money on this crap?, there are a ton of charities that your favorite hockey players sponsor and believe in, why not give your $19.99 (or anything) to them and feel good about it!